Wayback on the Web

   Ever needed to see an old web page? Ever wish someone had archived your institution’s website from way back when? The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine can help. They have a few web pages saved – about 417 billion, in fact. A quick search revealed my own museum’s site has been saved 152 times between January 25, 1999 and June 25, 2014. That means a number of pages on exhibitions that might have been lost when we didn’t archive them are actually still available.

The automated archiving can’t be perfect. Some dynamic features and images are among the things that may not have been saved. For more info on issues such as copyright, how to link to an archived page, how to cite an archived page properly, or how to remove a page you wish to keep private from the archive, see the FAQ.

Surfing the Wayback is an ideal activity for late Friday afternoon. See how far web design has come. Track trends in colors and menus. Remember old events and old friends. This is the Web’s old photo album – enjoy!