Santa Fe and Albuquerque ARLIS/NA-MW Librarians Meet

Last Friday ARLIS/NA-MW librarians from Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico met for  luncheon and a tour of the University of New Mexico Art Museum. Over fish tacos and assorted other plates slathered with delicious chile, we talked about the best ways to keep in touch (newsletters, blogs, social media…), the work we are doing, and plans for a spring meeting to discuss artists’ files. Big news of the week was the very successful sale of paintings from the O’Keeffe Museum. Funds from the auction will support new acquisitions.

After lunch we enjoyed our museum tour, including a look at the print study room. It was interesting to view a small selection of prints that current curation students are considering for inclusion in an upcoming exhibit on portraiture. The selection included portraits of one building and one monument. What do you think – is an image of the Arc de Triomphe a portrait? Are portraits just for people? Lots of fascinating questions to be raised…