Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Chapter Members. Today I am giving thanks for a long-needed roof repair. When your roof leaks in four spots, from the back workroom through the stacks and over reading table all the way into your office, then happiness is a big truck with a big crane lifting a pallet of roofing material into the sky outside your nice, big library window. Hope you all have equally wonderful things to celebrate.Roofadj

New Year

There are many New Years to mark throughout the year: new calendar years, new fiscal years, lunar new years, religious new years, cultural new years. This week, news is slight, so I take the opportunity to wish ARLIS-NA/MW’s academic members a safe, easy, pleasant start to the new academic year.

I have never gotten over the desire to buy fresh pencils and notebooks in late August. And crayons. The scent of a freshly opened Crayola 64-box is as much part of my Fall as colored leaves and crisp apples.

May your students have interesting questions and sufficient patience to find the answers.