MW 2014 Virtual Conference Now on ARLIS/NA Learning Portal


The 2014 ARLIS/NA-MW Chapter Virtual Conference

Testing the Waters: Professional Experimentation in the Arts and Art Librarianship

 Is now available on the ARLIS/NA Learning Portal for all to view.

“Experimentation in the way we offer services, teach or communicate is often part of a librarian’s job. The ARLIS Mountain West Chapter’s 2014 virtual conference focused on showcasing some of the innovative experiments conducted as a part of professional practice. Included are the video presentations of eight librarians discussing various experiences with professional experimentation. All of the presentations were individually pre-recorded before the conference.”

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The Digitial Public Library of America (DPLA) has a great blog post today about the IMLS-supported Hydra-in-a-Box initiative:

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), Stanford University, and the DuraSpace organization are pleased to announce that their joint initiative has been awarded a $2M National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Nicknamed Hydra-in-a-Box, the project aims foster a new, national, library network through a community-based repository system, enabling discovery, interoperability and reuse of digital resources by people from this country and around the world.

This transformative network is based on advanced repositories that not only empower local institutions with new asset management capabilities, but also interconnect their data and collections through a shared platform.

Many of us in small institutions wrestling with big digital management issues will be watching eagerly to see what comes of this work. It’s well worth reading the entire blog post. Three cheers for DPLA, Stanford, DuraSpace, and IMLS!

More to come from ARLIS 2015 Ft Worth

ARLIS2015ChapterDinner News and reports from the 2015 ARLIS/NA conference in Ft Worth will be coming as soon as your fearless editor can excavate her desk and work through accumulated work email. Meanwhile, to whet your appetite, Chapter President Luke Leither has sent this photo of the Thursday evening chapter dinner. Alas, some of us had delayed flights and missed out – but here are Luke, Peggy Keeran, Greg Hatch, and Christiane Ramsey at a corner table at Bird Cafe. The little bowl of lemons looks delicious, but I hope there was more coming…

Apply Now for Winberta Yao Travel Award

Margaret Van Dyk reports:

The Mountain West Chapter of ARLIS/NA (Art Libraries Society of North America) is pleased to invite applications for the Winberta Yao Travel Award. The recipient of the Winberta Yao Travel Award will receive $1000 to help cover registration/travel expenses to support attendance at the 43rd annual ARLIS/NA conference New Frontiers on the Old Frontier in Fort Worth, Texas, March 19 – 23, 2015.

For further details, please visit the conference website at:
Please note: Applicants must be a current ARLIS/NA-MW and ARLIS/NA member living in the Mountain West region (Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming).

For application instructions and additional details, please visit the Winberta Yao Travel Award page at:

Applications are due by: Monday, January 26, 2015

Please refer inquiries and applications to:
Margaret Van Dyk

Library Director

Santa Fe University of Art and Design
The Winberta Yao Travel Award Committee, ARLIS/NA-MW Chapter
Alexandria Caster (Chair) and Margaret Van Dyk

Mackintosh Library Update

MackintoshMay’s fire at the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building was a shocker, destroying the extraordinary Mackintosh Library (and reminding many of us that we need to take a good hard look at our disaster preparedness). It was splendid to hear last week that two conferences are planned to begin discussing restoration of the Mackintosh, once one of the most beautiful libraries anywhere.

from the Telegraph Arts article linked above:

Professor Christopher Platt, head of the Mackintosh School of Architecture at the GSA, said: “What should the plans be for bringing the Mackintosh building into full use once more and how should we approach the particular issue of the Macintosh library?

“These are highly complex questions and by necessity any discussion must involve contributions from many different people and organisations from across the world.

“We will therefore host two symposia, the first in Venice this autumn and the second in Glasgow next spring, to explore the future of a space beloved by so many.”

(Image from

An interesting approach to app development… reports on a competition, complete with 24-hour “hackathon,” for programmers to develop a new app for the Detroit Public Library . The competition is sponsored by Automation Alley, “a technology business association and business accelerator dedicated to growing the economy of Southeast Michigan.” Interested programmers and app developers could win a $5000 cash prize for creating the best app.

So here’s an example of a great outside-the-box partnership. Automation Alley gets a chance to encourage and promote app developers in their area. The developers might get $5000, and at least get a few meals and energy drinks during the hackathon as well as a chance to compete, show off what they can do, and have fun doing it. Detroit Public Library gets its app – probably a much cooler, more creative app than they would have gotten through a traditional development process. Everybody gets great exposure and press. Three cheers for Detroit!

So what crazy collaboration ideas does this give you? Do we get too locked in to traditional RFP and bid processes? Do we have to stay there?

Welcome to the ARLIS/NA-MW Blog

Welcome, Mountain Westerners.

MWArtLibraries is a test blog for the Mountain West Chapter of ARLIS/NA. Why a test? Well, to see if this is really a useful format for us to share information about what we’re doing and what we’re thinking about. Our newsletter comes out only once a year; the blog can be updated any time. If you have news you’d like to share, or suggestions for other content, please email the Editor. And who is this mysterious editor? I’m Caroline Dechert, a member of ARLIS since 2013, when I became Librarian and Archivist at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe.

I hope we can use this space to share ideas, links to cool new things we’ve found, and virtual tours of our libraries. As a librarian new to arts librarianship, I would love to learn more about what people are working on. I’m betting I’m not alone in that. Please send your news and ideas, share how you’ve worked around pesky problems, and brag about your successes to colleagues who will understand and appreciate! Postings need not be elaborate or long, and links to existing articles, posts, and such are very welcome.